Untitled (7th June 2017)

D d d dr dr

Drop drop drop drop
Drop the rolling r
Tongue’s resistance

Throat is the shell of
inexplicable exoneration

G g gr gr grrrrrrrrrr
Great geometrical asymmetry of hindrance
a language of uneasiness

Seamless interruption into
The continuum of oblivion

Left left conundrum
Provocation for the legitimate pocket
Emcumbering the imbecile or the self-righteous
Hypocrites rule?

History folds itself
Lasagne with fossil fuel, manmade hatred, xenophobia, pollution
You want the cutlery ?
Or cruelty ?

Few fill feel
Due dill deal
Wheel will weal

What’s next?

Fun run cunt?

Phallic megalomaniac passive obsessive ?

Do dichotomies really collapse ?
Implosion relapses into undercover surpressed prejudice
Fetish fantasy is phantasmagoric frenetic

F f f f f f fffff

Fatal finality

(7th June , 2017)


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